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This is Radio Freedom's Donation Centre. We need help each month towards our running costs. Our target is £40 per month. Please help to support the station, so we can keep playing 24/7/365 and giving DJs worldwide the opportunity to entertain you and develop their skills.

A personal message from Mark, the founder of

Hello RF, My name is Mark and I'm responsible for the running and upkeep of this station. Firstly I'd like to thank all the dj's, listeners and helpers who have kept this wonderful place running over the years. The total cost of staying online at the moment is approx £60 a month. We have got to the point now that after more than 12 years the cost of running the station and keeping the output as high quality as possible has got too much for me to manage alone. Of the £60 per month I intend to pay a third by putting in £20 every month and would welcome any donations, to help cover the extra £40. If we don't make the required target then I'm saddened to say that Radio Freedom will have to hang up the headphones... turn off the red light... pull out the ethernet plug, and fall silent.

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