Listener Help

How To Listen To Radio Freedom

How to tune in and listen to Radio Freedom in 2 easy steps

  1. Get Winamp

    If you don't have Winamp, download it. Once you have it installed, keep it as your default MP3 player

  2. Click on "Listen Now" on our website.

Ask in our chat room if you have any questions or need any help.

IRC Client Help

Connect to the Radio Freedom chatroom

There are 3 ways to join us in the Radio Freedom chatroom.

  1. Using an IRC client such as mIRC or Pidgin

    Download and install mIRC or Pidgin.

    Use these IRC details

    IRC Server
    ( This may be left blank )

    This IRC link opens in mIRC.

  2. Using our Java web client

    Open the Java Chat client in a new window. (You will need to install a small Java plugin.)

  3. Using Mibbit, a lightweight web client

    Open the Mibbit Chat client in a new window.